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Preserve, Protect, and Defend Your Retirement Accounts

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In the last 20 years the world's financial markets have experienced two meltdowns of epic proportions. In addition, people that are planning for retirement and those that are already in retirement are at the mercy of a Progressive Income Tax System. When you also figure in the fact that due to advances in medicine Americans are living longer retirement can be daunting. As the saying goes "The Good News is we are living longer. The Bad News is we are living longer." Most people are not prepared for these events. The fact of the matter is that while most resources for Americans (Banks, Brokerage Houses, Mutual Fund Companies etc.) do an adequate job helping people accumulate savings, they simply are not designed to help their clients distribute those savings when the time comes in a prudent manner. That is where CelticHammer Advisors excels. As a firm that solely focuses on helping you avoid those robbers of wealth, we have the know how and the strategies to help you navigate your retirement in the manner that is important to you.

Kenneth A. Diamond- Managing Director

With over 18 years of experience in the Financial Services industry working on Wall Street and for Major Insurance Companies Kenneth has learned that "Performance is Personal." Kenneth is an expert in Distribution Strategies, Legacy Planning, and Income Protection. As a recognized expert in Retirement Planning he works with individuals, small business owners, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Estate Planning Attorneys in designing strategies that help people avoid the effects of heavy, immediate, and unnecessary taxation. Kenneth is a proud father and in addition to running his practice he has spent the last 22 years coaching High School Football and Basketball emphasizing leadership and winning the right way.



Preserve your Retirement Accounts so they provide you with a GUARANTEED stream of income you cannot outlive.


Protect your Retirement Accounts from sudden and unexpected downturns in the market.


Defend your Retirement Accounts from the effects of heavy, immediate, and unnecessary taxation.

Tax Free Retirement

Sounds great right? Can it be done? Absolutely. We are experts in designing and implementing strategies that help you eliminate one of the primary robbers of your wealth.

Lifestyle Protection

Are you prepared for a catastrophic event that could wipe out your retirement? Whether you are still working or you are enjoying your retirement our process includes planning for events that obliterate your dreams instantly.